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TimeTree outdoor

A critique on constant time awareness. By abstracting the visualization of time down to a level which is far from second and minute exactitude, one might end up finding a scale of hours to be sufficient.

TimeTree communicates current time through color, where 12 hours are distributed around an imaginary 360° color wheel, and hourly strikes.

TimeTree color wheel

It is, however, possible to get the exact time (24 h). By knocking the tree once, time is revealed through repeated hammer knocks inside -- one sequence for current hour and one sequence for current minute. Since the tree is made from heavy duty steel, it will hurt a bit in your hand though. Specially if repeated many times during a day. So in the end, it might become more convenient to go back to that rough time picture represented by just colors and hourly strikes.

First version

Here's a video demonstrating the first TimeTree version

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Video showing first version.

Second version

For the second version I aimed for a more vivid and informative expression. I made a few sketches around the TimeTree theme, of which I chose to continue with the right one on the image below. It's made out of a stock which communicates time (think of tree rings) covered by bark strips.

TimeTree version two sketch

Physical shape sketches.

TimeTree in workshop and paint booth

From workshop to paint booth.

TimeTree top

Setup buttons on top.

Adam Danielsson – TimeTree

Up and running!



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